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Workshop 2016


This workshop address technical issues related to the reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals from the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector.
The workshop aims to gather experts from EU Member States (MS) to share their experience in the light of any submissions done under Decision 529/2013/EU and under the UNFCCC/Kyoto Protocol (KP). Specific issues will include difficulties in filling the new CRF tables, the new UNFCCC land transition matrix, comparability between UNFCCC and KP CRF tables, data for Cropland and Grazing Land management (CM and GM), Forest Management Reference Level (FMRL) and technical corrections, Harvested Wood Products (HWP) and Natural disturbances, etc.
The workshop also aims to assess the needs emerging from MS and the possible contribution that the JRC could provide in coming years in terms of expertise/datasets.


Rossi, S. Welcome to the 2016 JRC LULUCF technical workshop.pdf

Grassi, G. Overview of the EU 2016 submissions under UNFCCC.pdf

Payo, R. CRF reporter roadmap&provisional planning for GHG reviews in 2016.pdf

Priwitzer, T. Overview of 2016 information submitted under Dec_529_2013_EU .pdf

Pilli, R. The forest CBM as potential verification tool of MS_GHGI_an update.pdf

Grassi, G.Technical correction in the context of FMRL.pdf

Federici, S. Accounting for Natural Disturbances.pdf

Federici, S. Accounting of Harvested Wood Products.pdf

Bertaglia, M. Use of IACS_LPIS for LULUCF reporting.pdf

Hiederer, R. Constructing a geographically explicit LU data set .pdf

Kiraly E., Estimation of emissions and removals from HWP pool in Hungary.pdf

Tuomainen, T. Niinisto, S. Reporting issues N2O emissions and HWP.pdf

Ozdemir, E. Improvements on Forest land Categories In Turkish NIR.pdf

Canaveira, P. Challenges on the transition to 2006 Guidelines and KP2.pdf

Gyldenkaerne, S. LPIS used experiences in Denmark.pdf

Cienciala, E. Krtkova, E. The Czech LULUCF inventory_2016 submission.pdf

Pettersen, H. Land use matrix in Sweden.pdf

Schwaiger, E. Improvement on assessment soil CSC of remaining CL in Austria.pdf

Rossi, S. Update on LU sector GHG tool for analysing data on AFOLU emissions.pdf

Pettersen, H. GLM_CM sytem in Sweden.pdf