Landscape Pattern Analysis

This page summarizes activities and software packages designed to analyze land cover properties. Please click on the link below to access the respective website for further information:

  • GuidosToolbox (GTB): a desktop application with spatial pattern analysis software targeted at image object analysis, generic image processing utilities, exporting raster image overlays to Google Earth, and much more... 
  • GuidosToolbox Workshops: information on past and planned future seminars or workshops on GuidosToolbox.
  • GuidosToolbox Workbench (GWB): a selection of popular GTB image analysis tools setup as command-line scripts for automated mass-processing on Linux servers. 
  • MSPA: a spatial analysis software to detect and describe the morphometric features of digital image objects.
  • AnisView: an educational software to visualize the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF).
  • EFDM: the European Forestry Dynamics Model (EFDM) simulates the development of the forest and estimates volume of wood harvested for any given forested area. This estimate can be broken down by, for example, species, site quality, management regime and ownership category. EFDM was conceived as a flexible system for harmonized forestry modelling. It was developed to process data from Europe’s National Forest Inventories. Since this data is not standardized, nor is it necessarily available outside of its owner country, EFDM has been developed as a modular system in freely available software (R).
  • IMPACT Toolbox: offers a combination of remote sensing, photo interpretation and processing technologies in a portable and stand-alone GIS environment, allowing non specialist users to easily accomplish all necessary pre-processing steps while giving a fast and user-friendly environment for visual editing and map validation.

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