Our current activities include the following topics:

The Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) activity addresses emissions and removals of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from six land uses: forests, cropland (only CO2), grasslands (only CO2), wetlands, settlements and other lands. We provide scientific and technical support on LULUCF issues to EC Services (DG CLIMA), the European Environment Agency, the EU Member States, and to other international bodies.

Forest Biomass
We investigate where and how biomass flows today and create models to simulate future scenarios. We analyse interactions between forest resources and socio-economic processes. Multiple streams of data are available to assess these interactions, starting from the mapping of biomass availability, going through forest management data and then through the flows of biomass through the industry. 

Forest and Climate Change
We research how climate change will reshape European forests, and particularly which tree species will be able to grow where.

Forest Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity
Forest ecosystem functions support the provision of ecosystem services to humans. These constitute the direct and indirect contributions of forest ecosystems to human wellbeing. Our current activities include biophysical mapping and assessment of forest ecosystem services; measuring changes in the provision of these services as a result of anthropogenic and natural disturbances; economic valuation and environmental and economic accounting.

Landscape Pattern Analysis 
Methods and software to analyse landscape patterns in digital imagery. 

Forest and Tree Pests
Mapping and monitoring of pest outbreaks in European forests.

Forest Fires
Mapping and monitoring of forest fires in European forests and wildfires on Global scale