Forest Biomass

The forest biomass team covers the assessment and forward looking analysis of EU forests and forest-based sector in the context of the EU Bioeconomy, supporting the Action Plan of the updated Bioeconomy Strategy.

This leads our multi-disciplinary research team to analyse multiple interactions between biological, physical, economic and social systems. We look at the interactions between forest dynamics and economic processes and assesses the social and environmental implications of the forest-based sector. The main sources of data and knowledge for our analysis include national forest inventories, geospatial imagery, forest industry and international trade data, national accounts.

Our main specific activities are focused on:

  • Biomass Mapping: estimate forest biomass from satellite imagery.
  • FAWS Mapping: mapping of the Forest Available for Wood Supply (FAWS) across the EU with a harmonized, analytical approach.
  • Biomass Flows: analysis of woody biomass flows in primary, intermediate and final forest products markets using multiple data sources.
  • Socioeconomic Indicators: estimate how forests and all related sectors can contribute to a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.
  • Cost of biomass procurement: assessment and mapping of forest harvesting costs across EU countries.
  • Forest Bioeconomy Modelling: forward-looking assessments accounting for complex interactions between biophysical and economic processes.