GuidosToolbox Workbench (GWB)


The GuidosToolbox Workbench (GWB) contains most popular image analysis modules extracted from GuidosToolbox and setup as commandline-only scripts for automated mass-processing on Linux 64bit servers.

GWB standalone folder setup (left) and terminal module listing (right). 

Each GWB-module will process all (geo-)tiff images in the input-directory with the module-specific parameter settings and place the results into the output-directory. Additional information is available in the product sheets and the included file readme.txt.


GWB is available for Linux 64bit systems only.  (current version: 1.5, changelog).
Installing and using GWB implies acceptance of the GWB-EULA.

GWB can be used in two ways:
a) standalone mode: by any system user without adminstrator rights, or
b) system mode: installed and made available system-wide to all users of your Linux installation.

First download and read the GWB Installation instructions. They contain important additional information to ensure a correct installation and functioning of the application. Next, download the installer for your operating system (please use right-click - Save as and download the file to a local directory): 

Contact: peter.vogt[at]


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