Mirco Migliavacca

I am an environmental scientist as a background. I received the Ph.D. in Environmental Science in 2009 at the University of Milano-Bicocca, then I worked as Grant Holder at the Joint Research Centre, and afterward, I worked as Research Group Leader at the Max Plank Institute for Biogeochemistry. My research interest is oriented toward answering broad questions in the field of global change ecology, biometeorology, and biogeochemistry related to carbon and water cycle in terrestrial ecosystems and interactions between climate and biosphere. I use tools from data mining and modeling combined with several data streams from ground and earth observations. The main scientific lines I am focusing on are: 1) Understanding how the interaction of biogeochemical cycles (Carbon-Water-Nutrient) shapes biosphere-atmosphere interaction; 2) Understanding the drivers of the phenology of functions and structure of terrestrial ecosystems using modeling, experiments, and remote sensing data; 3) Explore the potential of novel remote sensing information for tracking ecosystem functioning and biodiversity at a variety of scales; 4) Understanding how CO2, water and energy fluxes are controlled by biodiversity and biological properties of ecosystems, besides climate. I am currently working on the trade component of the EU observatory for deforestation and forest degradation.


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