Welcome to the FOREST Website!

This page was initially created on 2007 to disseminate information about the JRC FOREST Project. The scientists and researchers in the field of forestry are currently part of several projects of the JRC that focus on the activities shown below. However, the link to the publications and activities of this group of researchers is still maintained on this page. One of the main activities during the current year, i.e. 2016, is the development of a Forest Information System for Europe (FISE).  The system aims not only at providing information on European forests, but also all the relevant information on forests at the global scale that influences forests and forestry activities in Europe. 

Following the adoption of a European Union Forest Strategy (COM 2013 (659 final)) by the European Commission, our activities in FISE are organised in four modules dealing with:

  • Forest Disturbances
  • Forest Ecosystem Services
  • Forest and the EU Bio-economy
  • Forests and climate change

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You can find a list of our scientific staff and technical publications or head over to the download page for our map products and software. Enjoy!




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