Workshop 2015

Agenda JRC LULUCF workshop 2016 (28.1 KB)


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Implementation of stock change method (270.1 KB)

Guidance on reporting and accounting for cropland and grassland management in accordance with Article 3(2) of EU Decision 529/2013/EU (2.3 MB)

Guidance on reporting and accounting for Revegetation and Wetland Drainage and Rewetting Activities in accordance with Article 3(3) of EU Decision 529/2013/EU (2.1 MB)

This workshop will address technical issues related to the reporting of greenhouse gases (GHG) from the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol (KP). The reporting in 2015 is particularly challenging because of new IPCC guidelines and the new reporting/accounting rules for LULUCF.

The workshop aims to gather experts from EU MS to share their experience in the light of any submissions done under Decision 529/2013/EU, and to prepare for the submission under the UNFCCC/KP. Specific issues will include difficulties in filling the new CRF tables, data for Cropland and Grazing Land management (CM and GM), problems in applying the new rules on Forest Management Reference Level (FMRL), Harvested Wood Products (HWP) and Natural disturbances, etc.  The workshop also aims to assess the needs emerging from MS and the possible contribution that the JRC could provide in coming years in terms of expertise/datasets.


Grassi, G. Overview of the EU 2016 submissions under UNFCCC (7.1 MB)

N, Srivastava. Recent Developments in LULUCF Reporting under the Convention and the KP.pdf (286.0 KB)

E, Hasznos. LULUCF reporting and requirements under Decision 529_2013_EU (414.0 KB)

T, Priwitzer. Overview of information submitted by MS on Decision 5292013EU in the LULUCF sector (881.9 KB)

R, Abad Viñas. Planned improvements in the EU GHG inventory -LULUCF and KP-LULUCF chapters - (294.0 KB)

P, Weiss. Guidance for reporting CM,GM,RV and WDR under Art3(2) and 3(3) of EU LULUCF Decision (568.8 KB)

J.J. Rincón Cristobal. Overview of the new EU wiki support forum (1.7 MB)

G, Grassi.Technical correction in the context of Forest Management Reference Level (FMRL) (584.2 KB)

S, Rüter. Preparation of HWP estimates in line with 2CMP.7 and 529/2013 (4.0 MB)

M, Didion. Challenges to implementing a model based FMRL in Switzerland (1.4 MB)

Z, Somogyi. On some uncertainties in the AFOLU GHG inventory of Hungary (1.0 MB)

E, Arets. Carbon stock changes in the transition from young to mature forests (863.3 KB)

P, Canaveira. The Soil Carbon Inventory in the 6th National Forest Inventory in Portugal (581.7 KB)

E, Cienciala. The Czech LULUCF inventory-current concerns and issues (1.2 MB)

J, Moxley. Assessing The Effect of CM and GM on biomass carbon stocks in the UK (1.1 MB)

A, Gensior. CM and GM Reporting- the German way meeting the challenge (2.7 MB)

R, Farina. Activities on CM and GM estimation in Italy-use of LPIS data for reporting and field monitoring of SOC (1.4 MB)

R, Pilli. The forest Carbon Budget Model as potential verification tool of MS GHGG inventories (7.9 MB)

R, Hiederer. Data for Estimating GHG Emissions from Mineral Soils- IPCC Tier 1 (658.8 KB)

E, Lugato. Modelling tools for soil organic carbon and GHG accounting (1.3 MB)

E, Lugato. COMET-Farm (32.2 MB)

S. Rossi. New developments in the Land Use Sector GHG Tool (205.4 KB)

Conclusions (159.1 KB)


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