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Raúl Abad Viñas

Raul Abad joined the JRC in 2011 focusing his work in a comparison of global estimates of carbon stock changes in living forest biomass by using 2003 and 2006 IPCC methodologies. Since then, he has been focused on the analysis of proposals for enhancing, monitoring, reporting and verification of the LULUCF sector of greenhouse gas inventories, both at Union and Member State’s level. Specifically, he deals with the annual implementation of QA/QC procedures on LULUCF data, with the compilation of this sector as included in the annual EU GHG inventory, and with the provision of support to Member States on LULUCF monitoring and reporting issues. In addition, as a member of the UNFCCC Roster of Experts, he has participated in several technical assessments of information on forest reference emission levels, submitted by developing country Parties in the context of UN REDD+ programme, and in the publication of several IPCC guidelines on LULUCF related issues, either as an expert reviewer or as a contributing author. In the past, he worked for the National Forest Inventory service of Spain, and for its wildfires prevention services. He hold a BSc Degree in Forest Engineering by the Technical University of Madrid, and MSc in Environmental Management and Administration.