Workshop 2019


The workshop  addressed technical issues related to the reporting of GHG emissions and removals from the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector in the context of submissions under the UNFCCC (Convention and Kyoto Protocol) and under the EU legislation (Decision 529/2013/EU). A specific session was dedicated to efforts and improvements needed to fulfill the implementation of Regulation 2018/841 (2021-2030).


1. E. Balzi. The Bioeconomy Unit in the JRC.pdf

2. G. Grassi. The LULUCF sector in the EU .pdf

3. R. Abad Vinas. Overview of 2019 QAQC checks on LULUCF and KP-LULUCF data.pdf

4. S. Rossi. Review of the 2019 submissions Decision 529-2013 .pdf

5. A. Butlers. Emission factors for org. Soils in Latvia. Life_REstore project.pdf

6. G. Pellis. Soil organic carbon stock changes in CM and GM in Italy.pdf

7. S. GyldenKaerne. Organic soils and their emissions in Denmark.pdf

8. P. Weiss. Progress, lessons learned and best practices for reporting on CM and GM.pdf

9. S. Federici. AFOLU in the new 2019 Refinement.pdf

10. V. Forlin. Implementation of the new EU LULUCF Regulation.pdf

11. B. Sanchez. Capacity building project. Technical support for GHG inventory improvements.pdf

12. S. Rossi. Introduction to Geospatial data.pdf

13. H. Petersson. Technical reporting challenges as handling multiple land use conversions under the LULUCF Regulation EU2018841.pdf

14. E. Thuerig. FRL under current management practice. Case study in Switzerland.pdf

15. E. Cienciala_etal. Czech LULUCF inventory and EU2018841 challenges – reflections.pdf

16. E. Arets. Spatial explicit approach in NL.pdf


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