Sarah Mubareka

Sarah Mubareka has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Sherbrooke (Canada), and graduated with a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing from the same institution. She originally came to the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (at the time: “Space Applications Institute") in 2000, and worked on global vegetation mapping using medium-resolution optical imagery. She then moved to the Institute for Protection and Security of the Citizen in 2002, modelling population vulnerability using high-resolution satellite data and environmental indicators. Sarah moved back to the IES in 2008 to work on tasks related to image processing, and was eventually given the opportunity to work in the area of land use modelling. Sarah has been working in pan-European spatial modelling since 2009. As of 2013, she has become a scientific officer with the Forest Resources and Climate Unit, dealing with the European Forestry Dynamics Model. Her skills include spatial modelling, image processing, environmental indicators, scenario development and consultations with stakeholders. Her main area of interest is in developing a F/OSS modelling framework for the forestry sector within the Bioeconomy. This entails the analysis and integration of forest resource mapping products, which describe the current state of Europe’s forests, into forestry dynamics and sector models. The modelling framework will be used to describe the future state of Europe’s forests according to different policy and environmental scenarios.


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