Ragnar Jonsson

Ragnar Jonsson joined the FORESTMOD action in Aril 2013. Ragnar’s work centres on the analysis of forest resources and forest products needs at European level, including wood and non-wood products, and analysis of life cycle assessments of these products. Education: M.Sc. in Forestry at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), M.Sc. in social sciences at Lund University, and D.Tech. at Växjö University. Work experience: Previously, Ragnar divided his working hours equally between a position as researcher at SLU, producing and analyzing projections of wood products demand on European level, working as a sub-work package leader in the INTEGRAL project, which aims at providing a coherent process of policy formation for the integrated management of European forest landscapes, and a position as researcher at EFINORD, a regional office of the European Forest Institute. Here the research focused on the current state of forest management and prospects for increasing the supply of woody biomass within northern Europe. Before this, Ragnar worked two years (2006 to 2008) at FAO in Rome, conducting econometric analysis of wood-product markets and producing projections of wood products supply and demand at global level.


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