Roberto Pilli

Education: PhD in Forest Ecology in 2007(University of Padova), Specialization course in Landscape planning, garden and park design in 2001 (University of Torino), graduated in Forest and environmental ecology in 1998 (University of Padova). Professional experience: employed by the public forest service of the Veneto Region, between 1999 and 2007, dealing mainly with the following activities: forest plans and silvicultural activities; hydraulic-forest interventions; management of forest pests and fire disturbances; technical expert of the Transnational Technical Board of the Interreg project Carbon-Pro (Carbon balance drafting and new resources management tools according to Kyoto Protocol). Grantholder at the Joint Research Center between 2009 and 2012, providing scientific and technical support on modeling of LULUCF emissions and removals. Since 2010, he mainly worked on modeling national forest inventories data to provide estimates on the forest carbon sink capacity at European and country level. He currently collaborates with the Forest Action activity as freelance, developing the application of the Carbon Budget Model to the European countries.


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