RDA Disclaimer

IMPORTANT NOTE - For any use of the EFFIS-RDA product the conditions listed below must be taken into consideration:

  • The product is derived from the daily processing of MODIS satellite imagery with 250 m ground spatial resolution.
  • The perimeters of the burned scars in the RDA represent areas burned by fires as detected from MODIS satellite imagery. Therefore, no distinction is made between wildland fires, environmental burnings or prescribed fires.
  • Burnt scars of approximately 30 hectares in size and larger are mapped, although the product may also include the perimeters of burned areas of smaller dimension.
  • The initial burned area perimeters presented may change in relation to the final version due to more accurate measurements of the burnt scars in the days following the initial detection.
  • Small burnt or un-burnt areas below the spatial resolution of the MODIS imagery are not mapped; these may include small unburned islands inside the burnt area perimeter.
  • The RDA product is updated up to two times every day. In cases where the imagery are missing or of poor quality due to cloud or smoke cover, the update of the RDA product may take longer.
  • The perimeter of burnt areas due to different fires happening between two sequential updates may be merged into a single perimeter.
  • The dates reported as Start date and Last update may not correspond to the date of ignition and extinction of the fire.
  • The RDA product is intended to provide estimates of burnt areas at European level. Caution should be taken when comparing this product with external sources that adopt different methodologies and scopes.


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