Habitat - EBONE Project

Pattern analysis of in-situ sample based habitat maps in Europe and web data viewer  

We participatedin the FP7 project EBONE to address landscape pattern and connectivity of General Habitat Categories (based on life forms) from 1km2 in situ samples maps available at fine scale (400 m2) over several environmental zones in Europe. We have developed and applied indices and also set up a prototype map viewer which enables to view and query habitat maps and query indices.

For further information :

Estreguil A.C., G. Caudullo and C. Whitmore, 2012. Habitat landscape pattern and connectivity indices; Used at varying spatial scales for harmonized reporting in the EBONE project; published: 18 Jun 2012; 80 pp. Alterra report 2297.

Magagna, B, Estreguil C., Peterseil, J., Schentz H., Whitmore C., Caudullo G., 2012. Cooperation of two research groups to develop the prototype EBONE data management system. Presented at the EBONE Final Conference; 12-13 March 2012; Brussels (Conscience Conference Centre); Rob Jongman, ALTERRA, Netherlands (Organiser).   JRC Pubsy number 75344. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. 


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