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European forest landscape

Forest pattern, fragmentation and connectivity

The European-wide forest pattern, fragmentation and connectivity data derived from the indicator set can be viewed and queried at the European Forest Data Center web site/EFDAC map viewer : Morphological and landscape mosaic pattern maps can be viewed as  maps; indicator based data layers can be queried for state (year 2006) and change in the period 1990-2000-2006, per province, country and per 25 km grid.

Further information in report and poster.

An overview of the European-wide application of the indicator set for natural/semi-natural lands is provided in flyer

Policy frame and contribution of this activity:

1. European biodiversity policy targets  2 and 3 of the European Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 on mitigating fragmentation, ensuring better connectivity between ecosystems and within and between N2000 sites, establishing green infrastructure and restoring degraded ecosystems (follow-up of Aichi target 5 and 15 of the Convention of Biological Diversity). Our index set is relevant to address connectivity in the context of Green Infrastructure (ENV, 2012 and  Green Infrastructure Strategy 2013) and for the indicator ‘Fragmentation and connectivity of ecosystem’ (indicator 13) of the European Environment Agency/SEBI2010 process in support to the Biodiversity strategy ( SEBI 2010-report 4 and 52012 report).

2. In the frame of the Ministerial Process on the Protection of Forest in Europe, there is a need of harmonized forest landscape pattern information which does not exist in national inventories. Our index set was implemented for the indicator 4.7 in Forest Europe, 2011.
3. Our index set was implemented to report on environmental aspects of forest, on changes and fragmentation, in the Eurostat Pocket book 2009 : Forestry statistics
4. Under the UN Environmental Program, our data and poster were prepared to raise awareness on forest connectivity for the World Environmental Day 2011 on the forest theme (5th June 2011) and for the Green-Up initiative event on "re-connecting forests"on 11th October 2011.
Other forest studies:

Regional case studies in the Mediterranean, the Danube region and the Carpathians: See Kozak et al 2007, Estreguil et al 2012; Connectivity under different land cover change scenarios in Rubio et al, 2012 and impact of fires on forest pattern and connectivity in and outside Natura 2000 sites ( Fire and Natura2000).

Two studies funded by the EC under the Forest Focus regulation: (1) the "Downscaling Biodiversity " on the link between forest patterns and National Forest Inventories biodiversity variables (forest type, structure, stand age, deadwood, naturalness), (2) the "Forest resilience, vulnerability and Spatial pattern"EUR24263EN_2010 Executive summary and table of contents  on the link between forest pattern and forest vulnerability, resilience and resistance